Life Is Like A Bar Of Soap

Moss and Swirls
Moss and Swirls

Sometimes I feel in control of my life, like I have found the handle on the suitcase and everything is going well. Sometimes it is like trying to hold onto a bar of soap, no handles and nothing to grip. Right now its the latter, I feel like everything is spinning and swirling out of my control. Not necessarily bad, just very much out of my control. Over the last several months I have taken what I believe to be the next step in photography and began to try and share my knowledge with others. I am putting myself out on the line even more so than when displaying my photographs. It is just me and my knowledge out there with no photographs to hide behind.

I suppose I have built my life up with plenty of hiding spots. Comfort zones that I dare not leave. I have to rewire my mind and adjust if I want to grow. Some say growth is everything in this life, to stagnate is to die a little. Even writing this down is scary though, knowing I will put this onto the net for anyone and everyone to read. What if… What if someone reads this and realizes I’ve only ever taken one person at a time shooting and not whole big workshops. Does that make me a fraud if I try and take multiple people out? Its almost like I need to have experience in order to get experience. Like an entry level job that requires three years of experience.

But I cannot let that stop me. I have a dream of teaching photography to people. Guiding them to beautiful places and showing them in person the places I have only been able to show them in photographs to this point. So please pardon the dust as my life slowly builds. I am following a dream and I have no idea where it might take me in the end.


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