Northern Gannets At Ocean City, MD

It’s funny, you just never know what you are going to get. You never know when a normal day will be transformed into a special experience. My mother and I went to Ocean City last week and shot some landscapes and then headed to the inlet to check on the birds. We were greeted with a rare sight. A whole flock, likely 200 – 300 individuals, of Northern Gannet where not only right in the Ocean City, MD Inlet, they were diving and following a school of fish! I already wrote a bit about this in a previous entry so I will not go into too much detail but I wanted to share another picture.

Flying Off
Flying Off

I also wanted to just talk about life and how you really don’t know what a day is going to hold for you if you just get out there. You expect one thing and you get something else. But you get nothing if you don’t go out there and try. I know I am guilty of often staying home for sunsets because it does not look good or I have already shot every scenic shot around my area three times. But you never know when the clouds are going to be at the right angle and everything lights up and is simply amazing. And even if you just watch and don’t take any pictures, how much brighter will life seem just by watching that amazing sunset or sunrise. Staring at four walls can get comfortable, no risk. But with that no risk comes no reward. And no reward gets boring. Don’t be boring. Get out there and shoot! Go out and create!

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