Swans – The Grumpiest Of Birds

There is no two ways about it, Swans are beautiful but boy are they jerks. Check it out on Youtube, you will find one “gee, this swan is nice” video for every hundred “gee, this swan is attacking me for no reason” video. Recently at Bombay Hook NWR I witnessed the true jerkiness of the swan. This was a Mute Swan, not native to our area. So was it a well mannered guest? No, not so much. He quickly transformed into jerk mode (see below) and raised some hell.

Ball Of Attitude
Ball Of Attitude

Something about the bird kingdom’s second most jerky bird, the goose, caught this swans undivided attention. A lone Canada Goose was swimming in Shearness Pool when this swan started chasing it. The goose wanted no parts of the swan and flew about 50 yards away. The swan took off and followed the goose. This repeated about 4 times before the goose finally flew far away. The whole time the swan was tucked into the evil looking pose. The goose has made no transgressions, it was as innocent as a goose can be.

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