Horseshoe Bend or The Great Drop

In this world where everything has to be dummy proofed I found a surprise when I visited Horseshoe Bend outside of Page, Arizona. There was no guardrail, fence, or any protective barrier around the canyon wall! You literally just take one step too many and it is a thousand foot fall. This is great for photography though, step up with the wide angle lens and no fencing to get in the way. Just a nice drop off. I got the goose willies just putting my tripod leg an inch from the drop off. How did other people handle it? Well, not good in my opinion.

I saw people step off the cliff and onto a small rock that juts out from below the rim. Several people did this, all for a selfie. I had a sick feeling in my stomach that I was going to watch one of these people in flip flops falling to their death. Luckily no one did and I assume this little rock outcropping gets stood on all the time but seriously, no person in their right mind should be on it.

Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend

This shot of the bend ended up being my favorite shot from my trip to the American Southwest in November of 2017. And for a while it looked like nothing was going to happen in the skies. The sun had been down for a good half hour before the clouds started to light up. I had actually even packed up my camera and was considering leaving with the crowds. But something told me to stick around and it was a good thing I did because it ended up being a nice sunset after all. It was one of the odd sunsets where there the light on the clouds lasted for well over an hour into the darkness of night.

The key to using wide angle lenses is to get close to your subject. And if you are scared of heights this shoot will be a problem. Not really sure what the solution is since this is a scene that simply cries for a wide angle treatment. It was one of the few times I found my Nikon 10-24mm lens to be narrower then I would have liked.

So visit Horseshoe Bend if you have the guts. And the wide angle lens. And the fortitude to watch people almost fall to their death. Just be careful where you step!

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