The First Elakala Falls

Yesterday I wrote about visiting the second of the Elakala drops, today I will talk about visiting the first Elakala Falls. Again, it was a rough descent into the gorge because of all the trees. There were also icy patches and little piles of snow in the shadows. But as always, the trek was worth it. I happily found very little had changed in the actual falls since I had last visited. I whipped out my camera and carefully tread on the icy rocks. Yes, it had been well below freezing that night. The first composition I captured was “Elakala Wide”

The First Drop Of The Elakala Falls
Elakala Wide

Elakala Wide was taken with my Nikon D800 and Tamron 15-30mm lens. The only thing I don’t like about wide angle shooting is there are less shots to be taken. Basically you take all the possible shots and capture them in one! Today I felt like being slow and methodical so I put on my Nikon 70-210 f/4 and focused in on some of the smaller details. I was amazed at the intricacies of the landscape when framed with the longer lens.

A closeup of Elakala Falls run off
Tannin Blackwater

This is just one of the several that I took with the longer lens. I really enjoyed sitting quietly on the rocks and snapping pictures. And for the first time in my life I had Elakala Falls all to myself. I guess it was too early in the morning or too cold for the other photographers, but alas, alone. I really feel like I explored the place, between ducking under and stepping over trees and then sitting silently for periods of time.

Originally I had planned to come and shoot in the afternoon but I am glad I changed my plans. It was just the day cap I needed after shooting the Milky Way all night at both Blackwater Falls State Park and Dolly Sods. But more on that tomorrow!

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