Patterns In The Sand


While down Ocean City, Maryland I stumbled upon an unusually low tide, lower than I had ever seen before. The water that drained away left all types of patterns in the sand. I found this series of circular patterns simply to nice to pass up on. And the drainage channel created a nice leading line into the photograph.

black and white patterns in the sand
Post Hole

The hardest part of this shot was staying out of the shot. First off, my D800 at 15mm is really wide. So wide you can easily get a tripod leg in the picture. Second, the shadow that I and my tripod cast were tough to keep out of the frame.  The sun had just risen about 10 minutes prior to this shot creating really long shadows. This was taken the same morning as “Tidal Stream” which I talked about in this post.

Sunrise is really the best time for the East Coast to look for patterns on the beach. The lower the sun is to the horizon the longer the shadows appear. So if you want real definition to your patterns you simply must get to the beach early. Also, if you want unspoiled beach you have to arrive before the tourists that leave their footprints everywhere. I typically travel with my dog, Sparky, and it can be tough to keep him from stepping into sand I’m trying to shoot.

But he is a good dog and almost seems to be able to understand when I’m using the camera to lay down and not dance too much. Though he cannot resist digging in the sand, he simply loves the beach. Running from the waves and they roll up the beach is bonding time for the two of us. Sadly he is 14 years old now and his beach days are numbered. But until that sad day he remains my best photo dog!

Sparky The Photo Dog

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