Crescent Moon Rising or For My Eyes Only

After a great night of chasing the Milky Way down Hooper’s Island on the western shores of the Chesapeake Bay I was sitting in my car waiting. The predawn skies were turning very pink and then suddenly I saw what I was waiting for. A very slender crescent moon was rising just before the sun. In a few minutes it would be invisible due to the glare of the sun. I took off from my pull off on the side of the road and started looking for a good composition.

A crescent moon rises over Hooper's Island
Crescent Moon Rising

Hooper’s Island is very flat and very low laying, often flooding at high tide. As I pulled up to my chosen spot that featured the classic Hooper’s Island trees I couldn’t help but hum to myself the lyrics to the Simon and Garfunkel song “America”. Especially the line about the moon rising over an open field. That song has always been special to me for reasons unknown. And here before my eyes the moon was rising over an open field and Sparky and I were alone to watch it. As remote of a place as Hooper’s Island we might as well have been the only people on earth to see the moon rise. There are a total of approximately 441 people living on the three Hooper’s Islands. More people than that likely live in my condo community.

On my journeys around this country I am usually alone or with my dog. And every now and again something really special happens that seems to be for my eyes only. Moon rises and sunsets without a soul around. The one time on Assateague Island where I was turning around at the boat ramp and every time my headlights shown on the water all these little fish would jump out of the water. Outside at night when a bright meteor streaks overhead. Events that I can describe or even photograph but never quite express the emotions tied to them.

That is what I chase in my photography, to be able to express the emotions of what I am seeing. That is the true goal of art and perhaps the true goal of life, to share an emotional connection to someone, even if for a brief time. I suppose that’s why I started blogging, to help my images carry more emotion and more story. Perhaps it is because I am not a  good enough photographer yet to let my images speak for themselves. Or maybe a picture really isn’t worth a thousand words.


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