Venus Over Neptune or I Left My Heart On The Beach

This is a continuation of the thoughts and themes from yesterday (here). I spoke about events in my travels that seem to be for my eyes only. I usually travel alone or with my collie mix so I try and let my pictures tell the tale of what I see and what I feel. But I find that I needed to turn to blogging in order to tell the whole story or the back story. This picture from Assateague Island is special to me, not because it is a great picture, but because of how I felt when I took it.

Venus rising over the atlantic ocean as seen from assateague.
Venus Over Neptune

Have you ever sat on the beach alone? How about at 3:30am? That’s when this picture was taken. I was sitting alone with Sparky on Assateague Island, MD with the only light being from Venus and other celestial objects. My eyes were adapted to the dark so I could see enough. This image is a composite between a few 10 second images of the sky and several 6 minute exposures for the waves and beach. Sparky was digging a hole in the sand to the left of the image and I was sitting to the right of the camera. I programmed the intervalometer remote and left the camera to do it’s thing.

The whole time I sat there just lost in the crashing waves. The sound is always so soothing to me. How an unstoppable force of nature like waves can soothe anyone is a mystery to me. Eventually Sparky stopped digging and began to look around. But there was no one around. There were a few people in the campground but they were asleep and I had the beach to myself. The cold sand under me, the colder air around me but I was bundled up enough to be comfortable.

The stars in the sky were amazing. Even with the light pollution from Ocean City, MD it was a nice starry display. You just don’t get stars like that in Baltimore County. Even on the darkest nights the sky is awash in red sodium vapor light pollution. Believe it or not, Venus is bright enough to make dim shadows on the ground. And it was bright enough that night.

But eventually I had to return to reality. I packed up with Sparky and we walked back to the car. The lights of the car came on and the starry wonders disappeared immediately. My music came on and broke monotony of the waves crashing. I pulled out of Assateague and headed for Blackwater NWR for sunrise but a piece of me stayed on that beach. I traded a little piece of myself for that picture and that is why it is special to me.

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