Gunpowder River Fog

Rules Of Composition

I went out photographing tonight to clear my head. A long day in the “office” and visiting a sick relative really saps your creativity. To spark some creativity I started going through the rules of composition while looking for a scene to photograph. I was going to the Prettyboy Reservoir, a place I have photographed and explored extensively. So pulling an original composition from here would have been a feat. I settled for a familiar trail with a strangely foggy river.

Gunpowder River Fog

But back to the rules of composition. In no particular order of course. First, keep it simple. But tell a story. Using power shapes and leading lines. Do not forget to pack it into the rule of thirds or the golden ratio. You need an interesting foreground, but also an interesting background. It is important to shoot what makes you happy, but do not forget to be relevant to your audience. Also, always look for complementary colors unless you are shooting trendy black and white instead. And lastly, do not forget to create a cohesive body of work that people recognize as yours at a glance. But do not be predictable or cliche.

With all that swirling around a persons head it is a miracle a lens cap ever leaves the front of a lens. Yet somehow photography is still made. Great photography is still made, I’ve seen it with my own eyes! I know it happens. So what is the real rule of composition? I think it might just be TO compose. Get out there and succeed. Or fail. Either is better than not trying. Leaving the lens cap on is the only way you will never fail. Unless you were trying to shoot and left the lens cap on, then you fail the hardest… 

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