Codorus Summer Nights

Codorus State Park

On a surprisingly cool summer evening I headed up to Codorus State Park in Pennsylvania to see what shots I could find. I ended up having to wait until the sun set to find anything interesting. But with the nearly full moon rising in the east, I found some interesting looks.

Codorus State Park in the evening.

This first image I found near the swimming pool. I was able to frame the moon above some colorful yellow flowers. I personally like the play between the dark blue skies and the yellow flowers. This image was taken about 10 minutes after sunset.

Codorus Summer Nights
Codorus Summer Nights

This second shot, Codorus Summer Nights, features the moon rising over the lake as seen from the sailboat launch. I found this little dock jutting out into the water and was just able to get the reflection of the moon in the water. This image features mixed light sources as there was a sodium vapor light right over the dock giving it a very red / orange cast. This could have been fixed in post processing but I think it kind of works here. Again, I like the way the color plays against the blue skies.

I think both of these images are made stronger by their use of complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Whenever out shooting you should keep an eye open for these color pairs which can add drama to your shot.

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