Alone ~ A Sailboat On A Sea Of Grey


Here is the second shot from Havre de Grace, MD that I took the other day. It too is a black and white, it was a black and white kind of morning I suppose. I really like in this black and white how I was able to edit the balance to make the sea and the sky a very similar color. It helped that they were a very close shade of orange to begin with! But my vision for this photo was to have a boat on a canvas of nothing. The boat makes for a very strong subject because of how dark it was so the background can almost be lost to the eye.

Many people think that a black and white image is unrelated to the color original. But this is not true. Even in the days of film, photographers would carry color filters with them to change the relative brightness and darkness of shades of grey. If I use a red filter, all red objects in the frame turn white while all blue and green objects turn to black. You can use these color filters to set the mood. Most of my black and white landscapes use a high contract red filter in Photoshop because I typically love a dark, foreboding sky. This image was different and again, I was going for a very neutral sky and water which would blend together and isolate the boat.

I added a strong vignette to the image to help keep the viewers eye on the image. Without the vignette my eye tended to wander around the image and then right off the top. The object of photography is to grab the eye’s gaze and not allow it to leave the image. The top vignette is darker then the bottom because at the top there was some blue in the sky which the red filter in Photoshop turned darker.

So here’s to an early morning trip to Havre de Grace and cheers again for the the sailboats anchored there. I just need to not think about how much I would love to be on those boats and be happy to photograph them! 

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