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Layers Of Sunflowers
Layers of Sunflowers

On Columbus Day 2018 I decided to sail on over to the local sunflower farm. I was hoping for a killer sunset as there were broken clouds in the sky. As I pulled into the parking area for the sunflower fields all looked good, it was everything I had hoped for. But as soon as I paid my admission fee the sun went behind the clouds and never reappeared. But I was able to play around with the sunflowers for several hours before it was time to head home.  

I used my fabulous Nikon 70-200mm f/4 lens to isolate a sunflower in the image “Layers Of Sunflowers”. I set my aperture to f/4 and focused on the near sunflower which made all the sunflowers further back out of focus. The lower the aperture number the narrower the depth of field. The longer the focal length (116mm in the case of “Layers of Sunflowers”) the more compressed the appearance of near and far elements.

On a different note, I have now uploaded two videos to my YouTube vlog channel including one about tonight’s visit to the sunflower farm. You can find my channel here:  Please like and subscribe to my channel if you like what you see. Feel free to leave comments as well! Thank you for your support in all my endeavors!

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