The Southwest | How I Long For Thee

It is now just under one year since I went out west to Utah and Arizona for photography. But instead of being satisfied with my trip and pictures I find myself longing to return more each passing day. I think it is safe to say the American Southwest has a hold on me. The only saving grace is I am still able to pull a few images out of my RAW archives from that trip. Here is one I just edited tonight:

Upper Antelope Canyon
Upper Antelope Pano

“Upper Antelope Pano” is an image taken from the front of the slot canyon. The orange in the crack is the outside world with the orange / red sandstone reflecting onto the shadow covered opening. It is funny, the canyon was packed with people which the photo tour guides herded outside of my pictures. But when I think back I do not think about all the people, I remember it as empty. A peaceful, tranquil place just as it must have been 200 years ago. Here on the east coast we are so packed into our cities and counties. The wild west has so much more space to roam and countless geographic wonders.

Take the image below, “Goblin Fire”, taken in Goblin Valley State Park. There is a valley that is completely covered with these hoodoos that are between 10 and 15 feet tall. No rhyme or reason, they just are there in the eroded valley. And this is just a state park, it did not even make it to the federal protection of a National Park. Yet the scene is amazing!

I am counting down the unnumbered days until I can return to the southwest. Much time has been spent cataloging places to visit despite not having a trip planned at the moment. I suppose I have caught the same bug that sent many a man westward in the past. But the only gold I seek are the golden sunsets over red rocks.

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