A Mid-Atlantic’s Night Dream

Ok, so a bit of an exaggeration. But then again, every night that I go out shooting ends up with it’s own flavor and highlights. This particular night was fairly overcast and the clouds were picking up nice colors from the surrounding cities and towns. While the rest of the world slept I was out looking for compositions in the broken moonlight. If you have not already watched my YouTube vlog about this nights shoot I invite you to watch here… I feature two images in the vlog while in this blog I will feature only my favorite, called “The Silo”. I also talked about the hardest part of night photography so go give it a watch!

The Silo
The Silo

Based on the colors in the clouds you would never guess this was taken at past 10pm. I added a bit of contrast to this image in post processing and it emphasized the colors of the light pollution. But even straight out of the camera the colors were obvious. Light pollution is an astronomer’s term for any light that is man made. As street lights, and really all outdoor lights, shine, some of the light is shone straight up or reflected off the ground and up. This light reduces the contrast of the dark night sky washing out stars and galaxies that might otherwise be visible.

I like this image because of it’s simplicity. It is a simple shape on a simple background. I tend to like to shoot and look for complicated compositions. But when I saw this silo I knew I wanted to shoot it. I love the way the light is from the side and emphasizes the cylinder nature of the silo with light and shadow. I also chose to take this image with a long lens, it was taken at 185mm. This is because I did not want any distortion of the pure shape and I did not want to get close with a wide angle lens and trespass on the farmer’s land. Sometimes practical concerns dictate focal length leaving no room for experimentation.

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