Family Of Flycatchers

Its that time of year again, young birds are out and about and demanding food! At Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge I found two family of Eastern Wood Pewee. Eastern Wood Pewee are a type of Flycatcher. They were so cute sitting on a stick together!

Family Of Flycatchers
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Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

I was recently asked why I travel all the way to Bombay Hook NWR when there are so many birding spots closer to home. It stopped me for a moment, after all, Bombay Hook is 2 hours away from home and there are several tolls along the way. I thought about it but did not have an immediate answer. Sure, the density of birds is greater there then anywhere else I’ve been in the state of Maryland. But if that was all surely I could break even in “birdiness” by going more often to closer locations. It must be more than that. So I got up early the next morning at 3am and headed for Bombay Hook.

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Tern! Tern! Tern! (To everything there is a season)

Looking For Fish

As the old group, the Byrds, said: “there is a season, turn turn turn”… Currently that season is Forster’s Tern season here in the mid-Atlantic. The Forster’s Terns are in full breeding plumage and eager to fish. Terns are fun to watch while they fish, if you have never seen them they fly over the water and stop on a dime when they spot a fish. They then hover for a second while they confirm their findings and then simply fall out of the air. The terns dive bomb into the water with a loud splash. This is not a graceful dive like a kingfisher, this is a crash that makes a loud noise.

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Lake Roland 5.11.18

After a sleepless night I decided to go to Lake Roland near the Baltimore City / County line to do some birding. Arriving at 7:15am there was still some hazy fog in the air creating sunbeams through the trees. I was mainly looking for warblers though most of the warblers were hiding from me. I was able to get a couple pictures that I like.

Common Yellowthroat
Common Yellowthroat

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Birding At Cromwell Valley Park 5.8.18

Today I woke up early and decided to go to Cromwell Valley Park to look for warblers. The birding was tough but I got a few nice images…

Yellow Warbler
Yellow Warbler

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