Assateague Island Dusk

Some of my best pictures are taken when I have little time to plan and only time to react. I am not saying this is one of my best pictures but it was taken in a rush. I arrived on Assateague Island with only minutes to spare before sunset so I “carefully drove the speed limit” till I found the spot I was looking for, the boat launch on the bay side. Though honestly, there were so many horses by the road that I found it hard to even get up to the speed limit.

What at first looked like it might be a burner of a good sunset quickly fizzled out. I thought the clouds in the eastern sky would light up, and they did, but only for a few moments. After abandoning the car and going by foot down the road, I found the angle I wanted. I was able to keep the foreground trees apart for the most part and get enough of the sky to add some interest.

Using my trusty Nikon D800 and Tamron 15-30mm lens at 30mm I was able to get this shot. I knew because of the lack of color it would end up as a black and white image. By using the high contrast red filter in Photoshop, the light on the clouds really popped. It has been pointed out to me that there is a bit of a dead spot down the bottom in the grasses. I was not able to pull the details back enough from the shadows. Perhaps if I had more than 2 minutes to get the image I would have realized this and done a double exposure but that was not to be. And I can only recover so much shadow details before it becomes all noise.

So what can you take from this? Well two things. First, use the monitor on the back of your camera to review your image. Block out all the rush and other distractions and really look at what you are getting. Make sure you have what you want and not just assume it can be fixed in post. Second, you will not always succeed. Even when you have beauty before you, sometimes you will just blow it. As you progress and get better, you blow it in smaller ways (usually!) but forgive yourself. Think about what you can do differently next time but do not get down on yourself. Getting down on yourself is a sure way to squish your artistic creativity.

One Skimmer Skimming

Today I am featuring a picture I took back in July, but only processed a few days ago. I was not sure of how it would turn out so I never played with it until now but in the end I am quite happy with it! I gave it a Christmas in July themed title because it just seemed to fit.  

One Skimmer Skimming
One Skimmer Skimming
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Eagle Paparazzi At Conowingo Dam

Have you ever been to the Conowingo Dam to witness the eagle paparazzi for yourself? Or have you been a part of the paparazzi? I have done both and must say its a dam (ha ha) good time watching the eagles. The Bald Eagles gather at the base of the Conowingo Dam and on the towers and trees below the dam. They gather for breeding season and end up spreading throughout the area for nesting purposes. Photographers gather from near and far to witness the spectacle. Any given morning you will find a line of photographers a 1/4 mile long with gear stretching collectively into the hundreds of thousands.

Soaring Beauty
Soaring Beauty
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I Made A Mistake…

After practicing for an assignment I suddenly realized that the weather was lining up for a good sunset. So I packed up the camera gear and the vlogging gear and headed for the sunflower field. I drove as quickly as allowed by law and arrived in good time about 45 minutes before sunset. I broke out the 70-200mm f/4 lens but the sun suddenly went behind the clouds I was counting on to give a good sunset. So I began to set up for the wide angle sunset shot I wanted to capture. The clouds began to light up and I captured what I was after.

Sunflower Face
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Sunflowers | My YouTube Channel

Layers Of Sunflowers
Layers of Sunflowers

On Columbus Day 2018 I decided to sail on over to the local sunflower farm. I was hoping for a killer sunset as there were broken clouds in the sky. As I pulled into the parking area for the sunflower fields all looked good, it was everything I had hoped for. But as soon as I paid my admission fee the sun went behind the clouds and never reappeared. But I was able to play around with the sunflowers for several hours before it was time to head home.  

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