The Southwest | How I Long For Thee

It is now just under one year since I went out west to Utah and Arizona for photography. But instead of being satisfied with my trip and pictures I find myself longing to return more each passing day. I think it is safe to say the American Southwest has a hold on me. The only saving grace is I am still able to pull a few images out of my RAW archives from that trip. Here is one I just edited tonight:

Upper Antelope Canyon
Upper Antelope Pano
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Should I Visit Antelope Canyon?

So you are heading out to the American Southwest and you wonder to yourself, “Should I visit Antelope Canyon?”. There are some definite reasons to go and some very compelling reasons not to go. Just to be clear, I am talking about Upper Antelope Canyon outside of Page, Arizona sitting on Navajo Nation Land. I visited in late 2017, outside of the height of tourist season so take that into consideration. I also booked a photo tour, no regular sightseeing tours for me! Lets start with the negatives…

Antelope Abstract
Antelope Abstract

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