Family Of Flycatchers

Its that time of year again, young birds are out and about and demanding food! At Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge I found two family of Eastern Wood Pewee. Eastern Wood Pewee are a type of Flycatcher. They were so cute sitting on a stick together!

Family Of Flycatchers
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Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

I was recently asked why I travel all the way to Bombay Hook NWR when there are so many birding spots closer to home. It stopped me for a moment, after all, Bombay Hook is 2 hours away from home and there are several tolls along the way. I thought about it but did not have an immediate answer. Sure, the density of birds is greater there then anywhere else I’ve been in the state of Maryland. But if that was all surely I could break even in “birdiness” by going more often to closer locations. It must be more than that. So I got up early the next morning at 3am and headed for Bombay Hook.

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Short-eared Owl or Hidden In Plain Sight

I went to Bombay Hook NWR with the goal of seeing a Short-eared Owl up close. Getting a picture of one was a close second. I had been there a few days prior and got only a single terrible quality picture through the windshield. Of course I was sitting in Shearness Pool long before the sun broke the horizon. And then suddenly I saw it, a Short-eared Owl flying up and down the path hunting! I started driving to catch up to the owl but the owl wanted no parts of me and kept hunting. Eventually I lost sight of the owl and I pulled over to try and re-spot it.

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Swans – The Grumpiest Of Birds

There is no two ways about it, Swans are beautiful but boy are they jerks. Check it out on Youtube, you will find one “gee, this swan is nice” video for every hundred “gee, this swan is attacking me for no reason” video. Recently at Bombay Hook NWR I witnessed the true jerkiness of the swan. This was a Mute Swan, not native to our area. So was it a well mannered guest? No, not so much. He quickly transformed into jerk mode (see below) and raised some hell.

Ball Of Attitude
Ball Of Attitude

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The Loop ~ Ocean City to Bombay Hook

On Thursday April 5th, 2018 I did “the loop”. I drove from my home in Cockeysville, MD all the way to Ocean City, MD for sunrise, then up to Bombay Hook NWR, and back home in a single day. Left at 3:00am and arrived at the Ocean City inlet at about 6:15am after stopping for a quick breakfast at McDonald’s which turned into a not so quick stop for breakfast at McDonald’s, but we won’t get into that now… When I arrived I had to deal with Ocean City’s new automated parking meters for the first time, $7.00 for 2 hours. Ouch. Could be worse but we are talking 6am on a early spring day here, not middle of the summer rush. So with that taken care of on to the photography!

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