The Southwest | How I Long For Thee

It is now just under one year since I went out west to Utah and Arizona for photography. But instead of being satisfied with my trip and pictures I find myself longing to return more each passing day. I think it is safe to say the American Southwest has a hold on me. The only saving grace is I am still able to pull a few images out of my RAW archives from that trip. Here is one I just edited tonight:

Upper Antelope Canyon
Upper Antelope Pano
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Hoodoo You Think You Are

What do you see when you look at your photography? Do you see yourself? I see parts of my own personality in my photography. I tend to be a loner, I have a small but tight circle of people around me. Normally I choose not to include people in my photography, not a fan of  street photography. I love grand landscapes devoid of people. I took this picture in Bryce Canyon at the Amphitheater. These spire structures are called hoodoo. Hoodoo are formed over great periods of time by weather, rain and wind specifically. The top layer of rock is harder than the bottom layers so it erodes slower. This leaves the signature capstone look.

Hoodoo spire into the sky in Bryce Canyon.
Golden Bryce

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Balanced Rock Dusk

Balanced Rock in Arches National Park is a classic monument in the American Southwest. Arches National Park is on a plateau outside of Moab, Utah. The drive up to Arches from Moab is a series of steep switch backs. Balanced Rock is one of the few prominent features visible from the road. The most famous sight in Arches NP is Delicate Arch, but that is a nearly a 1.5 mile hike to get to the base.

Balanced Rock Dusk
Balanced Rock Dusk

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