A Mid-Atlantic’s Night Dream

Ok, so a bit of an exaggeration. But then again, every night that I go out shooting ends up with it’s own flavor and highlights. This particular night was fairly overcast and the clouds were picking up nice colors from the surrounding cities and towns. While the rest of the world slept I was out looking for compositions in the broken moonlight. If you have not already watched my YouTube vlog about this nights shoot I invite you to watch here… I feature two images in the vlog while in this blog I will feature only my favorite, called “The Silo”. I also talked about the hardest part of night photography so go give it a watch!

The Silo
The Silo
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Eagle Paparazzi At Conowingo Dam

Have you ever been to the Conowingo Dam to witness the eagle paparazzi for yourself? Or have you been a part of the paparazzi? I have done both and must say its a dam (ha ha) good time watching the eagles. The Bald Eagles gather at the base of the Conowingo Dam and on the towers and trees below the dam. They gather for breeding season and end up spreading throughout the area for nesting purposes. Photographers gather from near and far to witness the spectacle. Any given morning you will find a line of photographers a 1/4 mile long with gear stretching collectively into the hundreds of thousands.

Soaring Beauty
Soaring Beauty
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Bunker Hill Road Hiking

After a sleepless night I decided a sunrise hike was in order. But not just any ordinary hike, a photography hike! So I loaded up all my gear, both photography and vlogging, and headed for Bunker Hill Road in Hereford, MD. I have put on a few pounds lately and, I figured even if did not get any pictures, carrying around the 29 pounds of equipment (no joke, I weighed it when I got home) ought to be good for me. But I had a location in mind from hiking this trail other mornings. The rising sun shines through the woods in a most glorious manner and lights up all the trees and underbrush.

Sun Flare
Sun Flare
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I Made A Mistake…

After practicing for an assignment I suddenly realized that the weather was lining up for a good sunset. So I packed up the camera gear and the vlogging gear and headed for the sunflower field. I drove as quickly as allowed by law and arrived in good time about 45 minutes before sunset. I broke out the 70-200mm f/4 lens but the sun suddenly went behind the clouds I was counting on to give a good sunset. So I began to set up for the wide angle sunset shot I wanted to capture. The clouds began to light up and I captured what I was after.

Sunflower Face
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Sunflowers | My YouTube Channel

Layers Of Sunflowers
Layers of Sunflowers

On Columbus Day 2018 I decided to sail on over to the local sunflower farm. I was hoping for a killer sunset as there were broken clouds in the sky. As I pulled into the parking area for the sunflower fields all looked good, it was everything I had hoped for. But as soon as I paid my admission fee the sun went behind the clouds and never reappeared. But I was able to play around with the sunflowers for several hours before it was time to head home.  

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