One Skimmer Skimming

Today I am featuring a picture I took back in July, but only processed a few days ago. I was not sure of how it would turn out so I never played with it until now but in the end I am quite happy with it! I gave it a Christmas in July themed title because it just seemed to fit.  

One Skimmer Skimming
One Skimmer Skimming
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Eagle Paparazzi At Conowingo Dam

Have you ever been to the Conowingo Dam to witness the eagle paparazzi for yourself? Or have you been a part of the paparazzi? I have done both and must say its a dam (ha ha) good time watching the eagles. The Bald Eagles gather at the base of the Conowingo Dam and on the towers and trees below the dam. They gather for breeding season and end up spreading throughout the area for nesting purposes. Photographers gather from near and far to witness the spectacle. Any given morning you will find a line of photographers a 1/4 mile long with gear stretching collectively into the hundreds of thousands.

Soaring Beauty
Soaring Beauty
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Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

I was recently asked why I travel all the way to Bombay Hook NWR when there are so many birding spots closer to home. It stopped me for a moment, after all, Bombay Hook is 2 hours away from home and there are several tolls along the way. I thought about it but did not have an immediate answer. Sure, the density of birds is greater there then anywhere else I’ve been in the state of Maryland. But if that was all surely I could break even in “birdiness” by going more often to closer locations. It must be more than that. So I got up early the next morning at 3am and headed for Bombay Hook.

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Brookside Gardens: Wings Of Fancy Exhibit

I led a very small group of great people to Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring, MD yesterday. It was just as great as I remembered it having not been there for a few years. Hundreds of loose butterflies in a glass conservatory just waiting to be photographed! I wore my bright orange shirt and at one point I had at least three big butterflies on me including the beautiful Blue Morpho.

Zebra Longwing at Brookside Gardens
Zebra Longwing

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Short-eared Owl or Hidden In Plain Sight

I went to Bombay Hook NWR with the goal of seeing a Short-eared Owl up close. Getting a picture of one was a close second. I had been there a few days prior and got only a single terrible quality picture through the windshield. Of course I was sitting in Shearness Pool long before the sun broke the horizon. And then suddenly I saw it, a Short-eared Owl flying up and down the path hunting! I started driving to catch up to the owl but the owl wanted no parts of me and kept hunting. Eventually I lost sight of the owl and I pulled over to try and re-spot it.

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