Venus Over Neptune or I Left My Heart On The Beach

This is a continuation of the thoughts and themes from yesterday (here). I spoke about events in my travels that seem to be for my eyes only. I usually travel alone or with my collie mix so I try and let my pictures tell the tale of what I see and what I feel. But I find that I needed to turn to blogging in order to tell the whole story or the back story. This picture from Assateague Island is special to me, not because it is a great picture, but because of how I felt when I took it.

Venus rising over the atlantic ocean as seen from assateague.
Venus Over Neptune

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Patterns In The Sand


While down Ocean City, Maryland I stumbled upon an unusually low tide, lower than I had ever seen before. The water that drained away left all types of patterns in the sand. I found this series of circular patterns simply to nice to pass up on. And the drainage channel created a nice leading line into the photograph.

black and white patterns in the sand
Post Hole

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Northern Gannets At Ocean City, MD

It’s funny, you just never know what you are going to get. You never know when a normal day will be transformed into a special experience. My mother and I went to Ocean City last week and shot some landscapes and then headed to the inlet to check on the birds. We were greeted with a rare sight. A whole flock, likely 200 – 300 individuals, of Northern Gannet where not only right in the Ocean City, MD Inlet, they were diving and following a school of fish! I already wrote a bit about this in a previous entry so I will not go into too much detail but I wanted to share another picture.

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Telephoto Landscapes

Between you and me, my wide angle lens is my favorite lens. I use it for 95% of my landscape shots. But there are that rogue 5% when I use a telephoto lens.  Telephoto landscapes are very different than wide angle landscapes and must be thought out very different. Done right, they can be very interesting, done wrong and they will be flat snapshots. Here is a telephoto landscape image I took with a Nikon D7100 and a Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 lens at 200mm. And those of you who know me and how I shoot would be shocked to learn I took this image without my trusty tripod!

Nor'easter Waves
Nor’easter Waves

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The Loop ~ Ocean City to Bombay Hook

On Thursday April 5th, 2018 I did “the loop”. I drove from my home in Cockeysville, MD all the way to Ocean City, MD for sunrise, then up to Bombay Hook NWR, and back home in a single day. Left at 3:00am and arrived at the Ocean City inlet at about 6:15am after stopping for a quick breakfast at McDonald’s which turned into a not so quick stop for breakfast at McDonald’s, but we won’t get into that now… When I arrived I had to deal with Ocean City’s new automated parking meters for the first time, $7.00 for 2 hours. Ouch. Could be worse but we are talking 6am on a early spring day here, not middle of the summer rush. So with that taken care of on to the photography!

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