Hoodoo You Think You Are

What do you see when you look at your photography? Do you see yourself? I see parts of my own personality in my photography. I tend to be a loner, I have a small but tight circle of people around me. Normally I choose not to include people in my photography, not a fan of  street photography. I love grand landscapes devoid of people. I took this picture in Bryce Canyon at the Amphitheater. These spire structures are called hoodoo. Hoodoo are formed over great periods of time by weather, rain and wind specifically. The top layer of rock is harder than the bottom layers so it erodes slower. This leaves the signature capstone look.

Hoodoo spire into the sky in Bryce Canyon.
Golden Bryce

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Horseshoe Bend or The Great Drop

In this world where everything has to be dummy proofed I found a surprise when I visited Horseshoe Bend outside of Page, Arizona. There was no guardrail, fence, or any protective barrier around the canyon wall! You literally just take one step too many and it is a thousand foot fall. This is great for photography though, step up with the wide angle lens and no fencing to get in the way. Just a nice drop off. I got the goose willies just putting my tripod leg an inch from the drop off. How did other people handle it? Well, not good in my opinion.

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