The First Elakala Falls

Yesterday I wrote about visiting the second of the Elakala drops, today I will talk about visiting the first Elakala Falls. Again, it was a rough descent into the gorge because of all the trees. There were also icy patches and little piles of snow in the shadows. But as always, the trek was worth it. I happily found very little had changed in the actual falls since I had last visited. I whipped out my camera and carefully tread on the icy rocks. Yes, it had been well below freezing that night. The first composition I captured was “Elakala Wide”

The First Drop Of The Elakala Falls
Elakala Wide

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Life Is Like A Bar Of Soap

Moss and Swirls
Moss and Swirls

Sometimes I feel in control of my life, like I have found the handle on the suitcase and everything is going well. Sometimes it is like trying to hold onto a bar of soap, no handles and nothing to grip. Right now its the latter, I feel like everything is spinning and swirling out of my control. Not necessarily bad, just very much out of my control. Over the last several months I have taken what I believe to be the next step in photography and began to try and share my knowledge with others. I am putting myself out on the line even more so than when displaying my photographs. It is just me and my knowledge out there with no photographs to hide behind.

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