Black and White Shenandoah Mornings

So, to finish up with my Shenandoah National Park trip from the end of October I bring to you 2 black and white shots. I have really been trying to shoot more black and white lately so I keep my eyes open for shots that lend themselves to black and white. These two shots were perfect because there was not a lot of color despite the fall leaves. They work much better in the simple contrast of black and white.

Shenandoah Valley B&W
Shenandoah Valley B&W
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Colorful Shenandoah Mornings

Fall in Shenandoah National Park along Skyline Drive is usually amazing. This year is no exception as the leaves are turning pretty colors. This is a companion piece to my last blog which chronicled my night photography along Skyline Drive. You can read it here if you missed it. And if you want to view the YouTube vlog of my morning shoot you can see it here. And if you just want to read about Colorful Shenandoah Mornings then read on dear friend.

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Bunker Hill Road Hiking

After a sleepless night I decided a sunrise hike was in order. But not just any ordinary hike, a photography hike! So I loaded up all my gear, both photography and vlogging, and headed for Bunker Hill Road in Hereford, MD. I have put on a few pounds lately and, I figured even if did not get any pictures, carrying around the 29 pounds of equipment (no joke, I weighed it when I got home) ought to be good for me. But I had a location in mind from hiking this trail other mornings. The rising sun shines through the woods in a most glorious manner and lights up all the trees and underbrush.

Sun Flare
Sun Flare
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Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

I was recently asked why I travel all the way to Bombay Hook NWR when there are so many birding spots closer to home. It stopped me for a moment, after all, Bombay Hook is 2 hours away from home and there are several tolls along the way. I thought about it but did not have an immediate answer. Sure, the density of birds is greater there then anywhere else I’ve been in the state of Maryland. But if that was all surely I could break even in “birdiness” by going more often to closer locations. It must be more than that. So I got up early the next morning at 3am and headed for Bombay Hook.

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Shenandoah Morning

I was debating with myself whether or not to take a trip down to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park. At 1:30am, at the very last minute, I decided to go for it. The drive down was very exciting as I drove through a thunderstorm practically the whole way. And this was an active storm cell, lightning every 5 seconds or so and lots of streaks. Everything would be normal then all the sudden the whole landscape lit up in front of me from the bright lightning. Very distracting while I was driving, but great fun to watch. I was hoping to reach Shenandoah National Park in time to try and get some lightning shots but it was not to be this time. The storms that seemed to hover over my car ended up getting too far to the west for photography. However, the sunrise was pretty nice…

Goldenrod Morning

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