Bunker Hill Road Hiking

After a sleepless night I decided a sunrise hike was in order. But not just any ordinary hike, a photography hike! So I loaded up all my gear, both photography and vlogging, and headed for Bunker Hill Road in Hereford, MD. I have put on a few pounds lately and, I figured even if did not get any pictures, carrying around the 29 pounds of equipment (no joke, I weighed it when I got home) ought to be good for me. But I had a location in mind from hiking this trail other mornings. The rising sun shines through the woods in a most glorious manner and lights up all the trees and underbrush.

Sun Flare
Sun Flare
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The Importance Of Hindsight

This piece is a continuation of yesterday’s trip to Shenandoah National Park. If you missed it you can read it here. In case you didn’t know, I love water. I am drawn to it so I love waterfalls. But here I decided to try to do something a bit different.

Golden Ragwort Waterfall

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An Old Friend, Elakala Falls

Blackwater Falls is a State Park in West Virginia. It happens to contain my favorite waterfall, Elakala Falls. On the night of Friday the 20th of April 2018 I left my home and headed to the wilds of West Virginia. I left at 9pm in order to do some Milky Way shooting when I arrived in West Virginia. The Milky Way shoot post will be coming later, but after sunrise on the 21st I went waterfalling. I visited both the first and second falls of Elakala on the Shay Run and boy had they changed!

The second Elakla Falls on the Shay Run in Blackwater Falls
Elakala Second

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Life Is Like A Bar Of Soap

Moss and Swirls
Moss and Swirls

Sometimes I feel in control of my life, like I have found the handle on the suitcase and everything is going well. Sometimes it is like trying to hold onto a bar of soap, no handles and nothing to grip. Right now its the latter, I feel like everything is spinning and swirling out of my control. Not necessarily bad, just very much out of my control. Over the last several months I have taken what I believe to be the next step in photography and began to try and share my knowledge with others. I am putting myself out on the line even more so than when displaying my photographs. It is just me and my knowledge out there with no photographs to hide behind.

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