The Southwest | How I Long For Thee

It is now just under one year since I went out west to Utah and Arizona for photography. But instead of being satisfied with my trip and pictures I find myself longing to return more each passing day. I think it is safe to say the American Southwest has a hold on me. The only saving grace is I am still able to pull a few images out of my RAW archives from that trip. Here is one I just edited tonight:

Upper Antelope Canyon
Upper Antelope Pano
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I Made A Mistake…

After practicing for an assignment I suddenly realized that the weather was lining up for a good sunset. So I packed up the camera gear and the vlogging gear and headed for the sunflower field. I drove as quickly as allowed by law and arrived in good time about 45 minutes before sunset. I broke out the 70-200mm f/4 lens but the sun suddenly went behind the clouds I was counting on to give a good sunset. So I began to set up for the wide angle sunset shot I wanted to capture. The clouds began to light up and I captured what I was after.

Sunflower Face
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Sunflowers | My YouTube Channel

Layers Of Sunflowers
Layers of Sunflowers

On Columbus Day 2018 I decided to sail on over to the local sunflower farm. I was hoping for a killer sunset as there were broken clouds in the sky. As I pulled into the parking area for the sunflower fields all looked good, it was everything I had hoped for. But as soon as I paid my admission fee the sun went behind the clouds and never reappeared. But I was able to play around with the sunflowers for several hours before it was time to head home.  

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Alone ~ A Sailboat On A Sea Of Grey


Here is the second shot from Havre de Grace, MD that I took the other day. It too is a black and white, it was a black and white kind of morning I suppose. I really like in this black and white how I was able to edit the balance to make the sea and the sky a very similar color. It helped that they were a very close shade of orange to begin with! But my vision for this photo was to have a boat on a canvas of nothing. The boat makes for a very strong subject because of how dark it was so the background can almost be lost to the eye.

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Afloat In Havre de Grace ~ Big Things On The Horizon


Another sleepless night made getting up for sunrise easy. I decided to go up to Havre de Grace, MD and see what was going on. I had not been to this location for several years. I arrived at Concord Point just before the sky began to glow. The sunrise was nice but the golden hour was great. I found this sailboat anchored just off shore and I was able to line it up with the glow in the sky. But in the end I decided to flip it to black and white.

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